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Chippenham lies in the county of Wiltshire, England, about 100 miles (160Km) west of London, 25 miles (40Km) east of Bristol, 15 miles (24Km) east of the city of Bath, is my adopted town having settled down there after leaving the Forces. Chippenham has easy access to the M4 motorway, (the main route from London to Wales and the west country), and from there to the north of the country.

Chippenham has a recorded history going back some 1600 years. The name of the town is said to be derived from the Saxon (5th Century) leader Cyppa, and hamme - the settlement at the bend of the river. Alfred the Great (849 - 899AD) had a fort here and was nearly defeated by the Danes. Alfred translated many works from Latin into English and devised an early legal code. The Market Place houses some of the towns oldest buildings. The White Hart stood where no's 44 - 49 now stand. Oliver Cromwell, who led the rebellion against King Charles 1, is said to have stayed there in 1649, the year after the defeat of Charles 1 in the second Civil War. The Buttercross (pictured right) was originally situated on the edge of the Market Place and was removed many years ago. It was discovered in a local village a few years ago and was subsequently restored and brought back to the town where it now stands in the Market Place once more.