........................to a little bit of my world. Pay a short visit to the South Atlantic Islands of South Georgia and The Falklands and Hungary. If you fancy a different background on your screen, you are most welcome to download one of my wallpaper pictures.

If you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to email me and I will endeavour to help, or find someone else who can. If you find a missing link or picture, please let me know, and I will rectify the problem.

You don't need a passport for this journey, nor a bureau de change, so come on in and enjoy.

Date Change
Wallpaper page - Revamp completed, new wallpaper images available
South Georgia History pages - Revamp completed, to include new pictures and text
After a long time, most of the pages are now updated to the new colour scheme. A new section, Hungary, has been added
How embarrassing! I discovered today that one of the birdlife pages had been saved as one of the history pages, so the links were a little incorrect. That has been corrected. I also discovered that for some reason the Hungary pages were not showing. This has also been corrected.
Another page added to the Hungary section




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