South Georgia Birdlife

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Not looking at their best, some of the adult penguins on the left are seen during the malting phase. Below, the young chicks wait around for mum and dad to return with some nice squid to eat. Fetching food for both themselves and their young is a perilous task. The penguins are under constant danger from seals whilst at sea. Seals lie out in the shallows waiting for the penguins to set off for the feeding area. The adult birds realise this and are prepared to walk maybe a mile (1.6Km) or so to reach a safer spot to enter the water.
When they returned with the food it amazed me that the adults were able to find their own chick in amongst the large groups. The adult birds are constantly hassled by chicks as they wander in amongst them, but they will not give up their food until they have found their own. Don't ask me how, they all sounded the same to me. This particular rookery is at St. Andrews bay and is home to some 100,000 birds.