South Georgia Scenery

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Of course, you will be aware that most of an iceberg lies below the surface. This piece of ice had probably floated up from the Antarctic mainland having broken off an ice shelf. Over a period of time, the sun will melt the surface of the 'berg, causing pieces of ice to break off. This in turn changes the centre of gravity, causing the 'berg to roll over and recentre itself. For this reason it was considered too dangerous to scuba dive under them.
Signs of earlier habitation by humans lie across the island in the form of whaling stations. The first station was set up at Grytviken (left) in 1904. Abandoned in 1965, it is now rusting away, but it still gives an indication of what has gone before. At other locations, tri-pots, used in the processing of seal carcasses, lie abandoned. I lived close to Grytviken, at King Edward Point in 1979/80, and many of the buildings were still standing.